The University of Moratuwa would like to evaluate the effectiveness of the Undergraduate Degree Programme and whether it enables our Engineering Graduates to be better equipped to meet the current demands of the industry. While taking into consideration the views expressed by the members of the Departmental Industry Consultative Board (DICB), it was also decided to seek the views of the recent graduates of the University about their job suitability and satisfaction. This questionnaire is being sent to you for your inputs as a recent graduate of the Department and this information will be of value to the future graduates of the University of Moratuwa. Your cooperation in providing information requested through this Questionnaire will be greatly appreciated.  Please submit your response within two weeks.

There are 12 questions in this survey.

A note on privacy
This survey is anonymous.
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Feedback-Questionnaire- Engineering

Your name (optional)

Year of graduation

Which Batch 

Which Department of Engineering did you graduate from

Chemical Process Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Earth Resources Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Textile & Clothing Technology
Transport & Logistics Management
Your present employment
State Sector. Please specify name of the organization in the comment area
Private Sector. Please specify name of the organization in the comment area
Self Employed. Please specify nature of the business in the comment area
Unemployed. How long? Please specify in the comment area
Overseas. Please specify name of the organization in the comment area
Higher Education. Please specify name of the institute and program in the comment area

If you have you changed jobs after graduation/ How many times?
1st Job
2nd Job
3rd Job
4th Job
5th Job
6th Job

The knowledge you gained in your field of Engineering specialization as an undergraduate in your current place of employment was,

More than necessary
Not much relevant
How do you rate your environment in your current place of employment as a member of a team?
Delightful & Exciting
Joyful Fulfillment
During Project Brainstorming sessions at in your current place of employment, how do you rate your contribution?
I listen mostly and write down the suggestions by my boss and others
I listen more than discuss with others
I make suggestion of my own to the Discussion
I make several suggestions and debate about the other proposals during the Discussion
How do you rate your contribution in your current place of employment as a member of a team? 
I manage to get by
Content of the job I do
I feel that I am a member of this Engineering community
I need to be regularly involved in problem solving process
Your comments on the attributes an Engineering graduate should have

Your general comments on the undergraduate programme in your field of Engineering at University of Moratuwa.